Private In Home Training:

Initial consultation prior to training sessions is a requirement. This is a training and evaluation session combined. I will train your dog while I evaluate your dog  

Forms on home page upper right corner. Please download and fill them out for our initial visit.

$125.00 for 90 minute Training /evaluation  consultation session…I evaluate your dog while I train 3  behaviors.

Please refer to my YouTube channel to view videos of my method of training.

$85.00 per one hour training session

$300 for 4 one hour consecutive weekly sessions

Materials package: $15

Reinforcements, treat bag, and clicker included in material this package (one time fee)

Please Download and Fill out these forms before your required consultation

Schedule your own appointment: 

link on contact page







Pittsburgh Dog Training  paulatraining
Paula’s Dog Services offers Adult Dog and Puppy basic behavior skills, including potty training, and behavior modification training for common unwanted behaviors (jumping on people/ furniture, leash pulling, resource guarding, not coming when called, and more) ur

In Your Home Pet Sitting offered only in

Pleasant Hills and Jefferson Borough

$18 per visit. $2 for each extra animal.
3 visit minimum for dogs and 1 visit minimum every other day for cat
Dogs: In Your Home Sitting
Services included:
1 daily walk or play if the dog is unable to walk,
Feeding, and medications if needed.
Cats: In Your Home Sitting
Feeding, cat box daily cleaning, and medications if needed.
We will get the mail, water plants and get the newspaper for you.





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